Collab with the owner and creator of Strawberry Fields Music Festival

So, I have been working in the recording studio for months and months on my EP album due to release at the beginning of 2012, but i have also started working with an old friend of mine, Elliot Rothfield.

Elliot is the creator of Strawberry Fields music festival that showcases talent from all over the world. The festival is a hippie-meets-electronica event where THOUSANDS of people from all over Australia gather for 3 days and have one massive party. Their next Event is on the 25th of November 2011.

Elliot is also an amazing producer whose style fuses the roots, electronica and chillout house all together. His idea is to make an album for charity and collab with as many artist as possible.

below are a few pictures of how we begin to put music together


Laura Loe – Best Thing I Never Had (Beyonce Cover)


I love doing covers of people that i admire. I know it may seems cliche to love Beyonce, but you cannot deny the amount of effort that this woman puts into her work. She knows what she wants and then she pushes herself so hard and she makes it look flawless.

It would be a DREAM TO BE WHERE SHE IS. Luckily i am slowly making that dream come true 🙂

Check out pictures of shoot and of course…the video.

struggling in those shoes

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Welcome To Laura Loe’s Temporary Web Blog

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my new blog. I am a singer/songwriter and performer based in Melbourne, Australia. I am currently recording my first EP album set release at the beginning of 2012.

My musical genre happens to be pop. One of my goals is to focus on the entertainment aspect of my music. Putting on a great show with melodic music, theatrics, costume and surprise are what i feel gives a performance that wow factor. Don’t get me wrong, an acoustic performance can be just as entertaining.

This blog is a temporary one as my very own website will be up and running later on in the year.

But for now, I will be sharing my music, videos, pictures and favourite events to hopefully excite your musical palettes. Enjoy!