Parklife – Experience it at home

Hey all,

I am a firm believer that if you want something, the Universe will deliver. The only thing you have to do is not obsess about it!

I wanted to go to Parklife, but I didn’t have any money to pay for a ticket and it was 3 weeks away, so I left it.

Parklife was now one week away. A friend calls, says she an extra ticket and needs someone to go with her. She told me i could pay her back when i had the money.

Oh the Joy! In a week i will be seeing Kimbra, Katy B, Santigold, Crystal Fighters, Lykke Li, Diplo, Gossip, Example and many many more!

And now, the fun begins 🙂

At least there were other great acts 🙂

THIS PHOTO HAS A FUNNY STORY – I walked into the festival and of course they stoped me to check my big bag. I had a camera with me, much like the one in the photo above.

The guard then tells me that i am not allowed to have a camera like this. I’m thinking, why not? why wouldn’t you want someone to promote and document the festival?

I told him that i was a blogger, but he didn’t care. he said i should’ve gotten a media pass. Note to self: Get a media pass for the next festival 🙂

He then says that i have to check my camera into the cloakroom.

Are you serious? you want me to check a brand new SLR digital camera into a festival cloakroom? AHAHAHA….NO!

Unfortunately, i had no choice, especially if i wanted in, so the guard had a festival official escort me to the cloakroom. This lady however, was special. It was like she knew what i was thinking.

Once we got to the cloakroom, she walked away and didn’t even look back to see if i had checked the camera in.

so of course i did the right thing – i ran away 🙂 I mean come on…if i snuck a flask of Bacardi into Future, then i think a camera is not a big deal!

I told myself i wouldn’t take any pictures…well none that they would see anyway 🙂

The Atoll Stage

There we heaps of stages at Parklife and this was one of the small ones, but it had big acts.

One of the reasons why i came to Parklife was because I wanted to see Kimbra
 absolutely love this woman. Her style is quirky, but her melodies are different yet catchy. The way she plays around with vocal loops is amazing!

BUT, having a temporary lapse of brain waves, i read the 24hr times wrongly. i thought 13.45 meant 3.45pm…very smart laura!

Luckily i didn’t miss anything else that i wanted to see. First up – A main stage – Sahara

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl was really amazing. It was the first time i had ever been there and i can definitely say that this venue is one to that i would love to perform at.

It was great mix of open air, great sound and delightful visuals.

The First Act I saw to grace the Sahara stage was Santigold!

Santigold reminded me of an Electronic M.I.A. At first it took me awhile to get into, but after i went to Parklife, her songs were the ones that were stuck in my head. My favourite song from her was called CREATOR. The track is pretty sick

Her outfits were quite weird, but fun at the same time. She had two outfit changes. Her first outfit included a princess crown, quarter lengths tights, a tutu type skirt and a loose pink shirt. Her second outfit looked like a pimped out basketball uniform.

Her dancers brought a whole new meaning to BADONKADONK! The didn’t dance in the conventional pop way, but rather used a lot of quirky old school ghetto booty poppin’. Again, a little strange, but at the same time it totally suited the act.

The donkey i must say was a little random 🙂

Diplo was absolutely amazing! He really made the crowd go wild and played a fantastic set. His beats were off the chain and it kept you on a high for the whole set. He would slip a couple a commercial sounds in their as well, like Run the World by Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas, but he did it so well!


Another band that was on the Atoll stage, impressed me with their drums! Crystal Fighters definitely had a sound that is difficult to pinpoint. Their performance was centered on these big bongo type drums that they would every so often start to beat like it was a jungle call.

They mixed the drums with electronica and loops. the best way to describe them is new age folk music. they even had some elements of dubstep, which was actually quite refreshing.

Their look = hippie!

Drinks on offer at Parklife! if you brought back the little cup, you got a $1 back. Glad to see the festival staying green 🙂

Mickey Mouse also decided to make an appearance 🙂

Lykke Li had one of the most impressive shows in terms of production. There was a lot of smoke and lights which was perfect for her act.

One of my friend’s said this act was very inspiring to her and because she is a fashion designer, she was sketching in her head the whole time!

Her music wasn’t necessarily to my liking, but the feel was very epic.

couple of friends who came along for the ride 🙂

Last but not least, GOSSIP They were really good and lead singer Beth Ditto was actually quite funny.

at the time, i wasn’t too impressed with the performance mostly because i didn’t know a lot of their music, but it seemed as though the buzz died as they were the act that came on after DIPLO.

Don’t get me wrong, they sounded great and by the looks of this one girl who was propelling herself up against the fence and licking her lips, the performance was awesome.

I just didn’t feel that it should have followed Diplo. The arrangement of acts might have been a little weird.

And there you have it. Highlights from Parklife. It was definitely a lot of fun and i wish i got more photos of Katy B and Example, but unfortunately i was still on the down low with my camera while i was watching them.

Katy B i would have to say was definitely one of my favourite though. GO AND CHECK HER OUT!




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