MSFW Highlights – Singing at Fashion Connect and seeing Prussia – Marion Liese and Lisa Taranto at Made in Melbourne


Fashion in the form of costume can do wonders for a stage performance. While Melbourne offers exquisite bands, singers and musicians, i find there seems to be a lack of entertainment that extends into other creative arts.

There is a reason why artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Katy Perry do so well. It’s because they include so many different elements in their work. It’s not just about the music!

One of my goals is to team up with an up and coming fashion designer and hopefully rise together πŸ™‚

The Melbourne Spring Fashion WeekΒ was the best place for me to start looking for inspiration on what i could do to make a killer show and stage performance.

Trying to expose myself to as many forms of art and trying to create a unique vision is difficult, but the only way to do so is to put yourself out there.

Fashion Connect and the Made in Melbourne Fashion Show were two of my favourite fashion events of the week. The funny thing is I GOT TO SING AT FASHION CONNECT BY ACCIDENT πŸ™‚

Β Here is the story:

I walked into The Carlton HotelΒ and as I received one of Fashion Connect’s fabulous goody bags, my friends were putting their business cards into a big bowl. I unfortunately did not have any business cards yet, but i did have a flyer, so i put that in.Β 

Front of the flyer πŸ™‚Back of the flyer (PS – THIS IS A LISA TARANTO DRESS ) πŸ™‚

As the night went on, everyone started to gather around the main foyer. I wasn’t really paying any attention, but then i heard my name Laura Loe. I was so confused. I made it known that i was there, but still had no idea what they were saying.

I looked over to see the hostess, the lovely Amber Renae, holding up my flyer saying “Laura Loe, an up and coming singer”. i was shocked. Then a friend tapped me on the shoulder and said “Go up, you won the lucky draw”, which by the way was perfume by Marc Jacobs.Β 

Amber Renae on the left, Micah Boutin centre, AND ME πŸ™‚

Suddenly, the lights turned on and Amber Renae proceeded to ask me if i could sing a little something. Feeling like adrenaline had been injected into my hear, i asked the crowd to suggest something…to my surprise they said BEYONCE

So i started singing Single Ladies…of course! Everyone seemed to like it and clapped and i just walked away not really knowing what just happened.

Next thing you know, a talent agent from Cinema Models approaches me and asks for my name and number. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe what happened (in a future post i’ll let you know what happened with Cinema Models, but for now it’s a secret ) πŸ™‚

Getting back to the night. It was amazing to see drag queens, Minty Fresh and Cher NobylΒ do a wonderful performance to Lady Gaga’s acoustic rendition on Poker Face.

Cher Nobyl on the left and Minty Fresh on the right.There were so many people who wore fantastic clothes, but i couldn’t get everyone’s picture as i dropped by camero…boo, but i did get one that of someone who wore pom poms. they were awesome!

The goody bags were actually amazing! $200 worth of stuff, Chai Tea, Lindt Chocolate, Kevin Murphy Hair Products, Marc Jacobs Perfume Samplers, Swisse Suplements, Jewellry by Equip and lip balm.Β 

Some friendlies of the night πŸ™‚

All in all, it was a lot of fun and the people were all dressed to impress. Great Work OC Communications and Events and of course the lovely Oscar Calvo πŸ™‚

TO FINISH, I will leave you with some on Made In Melbourne’s fantastic Fashion Designers. Here are the few that i thought were the best πŸ™‚



PRUSSIA (Personal Favourite)

Beautiful Runway at Melbourne CentralΒ 


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